EyeSpeaker for theater and museum captioning
Electronic Captioning Signs

The best way to make audio accessible -- and break the language barrier.


  Supertitles for Theater

Song 'n dance man with Script Sign supertitle in the background

Script Sign is perfect for live events like opera, plays, lectures, parades and pageants.  Large super-rugged signs designed for the rough and tumble of event captioning.

These electronic signs use rugged LEDs and range from a compact 8" x 4' sign for two lines of ASCII (English) text to a whopping 27" x 14' sign able to present one to four lines of text in any language.

Every sign includes sophisticated captioning software.

Supertitle signs can be rented for your event or purchased tailor-made for your venue.  More...


  Captioning for Exhibits

Audience member hurrys to captioned exhibit.

SignSync is the ideal controller to caption museum exhibits, trade shows, kiosks and animatronics.  Slightly larger than a paperback book, this rugged controller is designed to present pre-scripted captions synchronously with HDTV, video walls, slide shows, and media files.

Make "Audio Only" Exhibits Accessible

You can have everything you need integrated in a single rugged display or just the controller.  SignSync's the best way to make audio-only exhibits accessible.  Quickly too!

Be Media Independent

Declare your freedom from the tyranny of balky sync-tracks or iffy closed captioning.  SignSync will caption any exhibit.  All you need is a single synchronizing pulse or button press.

More about exhibit captioning.

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